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Template layout[ред.ред. код]

{{Numbered subpages}}

Additionally, you can use the {{25 numbered subpages}} or {{75 numbered subpages}} templates to change the number of links on the subpages.

Usage[ред.ред. код]

Template to show numbered sub-pages arranged ascendingly from 1 to maximum. Max must be defined in Template by repeating parameters used in forLoop template till maximum. Maximum is defined as 25, 50, 75, or 100, depending on the version used.

Example[ред.ред. код]

This is an example of use of the template as it would be found on the "Selected articles" sub-page that is a component of a portal created using the {{box portal skeleton}}. Simply placing the template on the page is all that is needed to show all selected articles stored in sub-pages linked to it, however using the template as part of a fully formed description makes it easier for other editors to modify the page as needed.

== Usage ==
The template used for the creation of these sub-pages is located at {{tl|Selected article}}
# Add a new Selected article to the next available subpage.
# Update "max=" to new total for its {{tl|Random portal component}} on the main page.

{{Numbered subpages}}


Trivial[ред.ред. код]

passing parameter as maximum is not supported yet. In fact its only way is by using #for (MediaWiki 1.7+);In fact this template would be much easier if used #for but it is a part of MediaWiki 1.7 (not used yet).

Used Templates[ред.ред. код]

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