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«Wiki Loves Monuments» 2022

Wiki Loves Monuments is an international photographic competition to promote historic sites around the World through Wikimedia projects (mainly Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons). Everybody can participate.

There are a lot of historic monuments in all participating countries. The goal of Wiki Loves Monuments is to encourage people to take pictures of those monuments, and to put them under a free license so that others may access them through the Internet. This page introduces the Ukrainian part of this competition.

In October, you may upload as many picture as you want of monuments that you have visited. Pictures do not have to be taken in October, but must be uploaded that month to be considered. At the end of the month, the contest jury will begin evaluating the photographs and awarding prizes for the best pictures in Ukraine, and ultimately in the world.

Frequently asked questions

Is the contest free?

Yes, there is no cost to participate. You must only register on Sign up or log in and use a special upload form.

When can I take pictures?

Any time. The contest takes place during the whole month of October, but you can submit pictures taken at any time before and including February 23, 2022, even ones taken several years ago. The only rule is to upload them to Commons between October 1st and 31st.

Am I allowed to retouch my pictures?

Yes. You can retouch your picture with any software. Don't forget about common sense.

Can I submit any type of pictures?

No, they must represent a cultural heritage monument from the official list.

Can I submit pictures taken in another country?

Yes, if it is a historic place recognized by the government of that country and that country participated in the international competition. However, you will have to upload through the upload wizard of that country and you will be eligible for the contest of that country.

If I didn't find an answer to my question

If you didn't find an answer to your question, send an email to wlmAt sign.svgwikimedia.org.ua

How to participate

Circle-ye-1.svg Sign up or log in to upload your photos.

Circle-ye-2.svg Find cultural heritage monuments in the official lists on Wikipedia (or use map). It is imperative that you take the photos yourself.

Circle-ye-3.svg Click [Завантажити фото] or «завантажити ще фото» next to the chosen monument. Follow the upload wizard instructions.

Special nominations

This year videos of monuments take part in the contest, you just need to upload videos from the lists. There is also a special nomination "Film" for uploaded pictures made on a photographic film — one needs to select a relevant category in the Uploader. There would be a special prize to the authors of the "least known" monuments from a project "Ukraine Incognita".

Awards and jury

To be announced later.

Contact us

The lists are in Ukrainian. Please contact us if any help needed.

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