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Це сторінка документації для Модуль:Convert/makeunits

The purpose of this module is to prepare the data used by Модуль:Convert to allow conversion between units of measurement.

Usage: Put one of the following lines (with nothing else) in a sandbox:

  • {{#invoke:convert/makeunits|makeunits}}
  • {{subst:#invoke:convert/makeunits|makeunits}}

Previewing the sandbox should display the wikitext that needs to be copied and pasted into Модуль:Convert/data. If a problem occurs, warning messages will be displayed to indicate that the unit definitions need to be fixed.

By default, the module reads the unit definitions from Модуль:Convert/documentation/conversion data/doc. For testing purposes, it is possible to specify that the definitions are read from another page, for example, User:Johnuniq/sandbox2, by specifying the wanted title:

  • {{#invoke:convert/makeunits|makeunits|User:Johnuniq/sandbox2}}
  • {{subst:#invoke:convert/makeunits|makeunits|User:Johnuniq/sandbox2}}

The module contains table specials which is used to insert a small amount of "built-in" data that is not currently defined in the input wikitext.

The module reads data from Модуль:Convert/text to allow localization of the table of units for use on another wiki.