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Pinheiro-do-paraná[ред. код]

I apologize for this message in english. Please, translate it if you can.

Recently we discussed in the portuguese language Wikipedia about renaming our article for this tree because "Pinheiro-do-paraná" is a rarely - if never - used term. The decision we reached, which was carried out today, was to rename it to "Araucária", the name it's commonly referred to by brazilians everywhere, which differs from the genre's name because it has an acute accent. Seeing that in your wiki the term "pinheiro-do-paraná" (Paraná pine) is used instead of "Araucária", I am sending a gentle suggestion to replace such references to the significantly more common name: "Araucária". Kind regards, --Feen 01:36, 18 грудня 2011 (UTC)