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Let L200[ред. код]

Apologies for writing in English.

The article mentions the Let L200 as carrying 12 passengers. Surely this is a mistake? This small plane can carry a maximum of 5 persons, as far as I know.

Jan olieslagers (обговорення) 19:57, 17 березня 2023 (UTC)Відповісти[відповісти]

Jan olieslagers You're right. I'll remove the errorneus mention of the capacity. --Xpoback (обговорення) 12:13, 18 березня 2023 (UTC)Відповісти[відповісти]
Щиро дякуємо :) ! Jan olieslagers (обговорення) 15:26, 18 березня 2023 (UTC)Відповісти[відповісти]

ICAO code[ред. код]

Again, excuse me for writing in English.

Various codes are published for this aerodrome, they are conflicting, and I should like to know which is correct.

OpenStreetMap say UKGK, see https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/435138939

maps.aopa.ru give UKLK, which may be outdated.

Both may have been tweaked, following the present deplorable military situation. (in which the Ukrainian nation and people have all my sympathy and support!)

Is it possible that the field does not have an ICAO code at all, but only an UK?? code assigned locally by Ukrainian authorities?

Thanks in advance for any and all enlightenment offered!

Jan olieslagers (обговорення) 20:11, 17 березня 2023 (UTC)Відповісти[відповісти]

Jan olieslagers (Thanks for the support!) The IATA code is with no doubt KCP, as listed on the official website. Regarding the ICAO code, it's possible that it doesn't have one, since it's a very small airport and has been in use mainly during the Soviet period.
The following websites don't mention any ICAO code for this airport or don't contain it at all:
- https://www.world-airport-codes.com/ukraine/kamianets-podilskyi-3413.html
- https://datahub.io/core/airport-codes
- http://www.flugzeuginfo.net/table_airportcodes_country-location_en.php#K
So I would assume it doesn't have one.
ULGK is mentioned here but I couldn't find any other reliable information. So, since there's no good data, I'd say we go with "absent". --Xpoback (обговорення) 12:46, 18 березня 2023 (UTC)Відповісти[відповісти]
OK, thank you again. Could you check what Ukrainian authorities have to say on the matter? Isn't the aerodrome mentioned in the VFR flight guide? I tried to consult it but needed to create an account, and found no way to do so. Again, the present very unfortunate situation may explain that. Jan olieslagers (обговорення) 15:47, 18 березня 2023 (UTC)Відповісти[відповісти]
The official VFR guide is paid. I'm also not really into this topic, so I don't think I can help you much more here (like whom to ask and what). I may later ask a guy who might have bought the VFR flight guide in the recent years since he has flown a couple of times in the region but I can't promise. --Xpoback (обговорення) 18:15, 18 березня 2023 (UTC)Відповісти[відповісти]
Okay, looking forward! Many thanks, and keep up good courage! Jan olieslagers (обговорення) 11:38, 19 березня 2023 (UTC)Відповісти[відповісти]