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German Wiki needs your help[ред. код]


I am a contributor to the German Wikipedia. We are collecting information on Poetry Slam around the globe.

Unfortunately we still have very few information on Poetry Slam in the Ukraine (and Eastern Europe in general).

If you could help us by describing the situation in your country on our discussion page in Englisch, you would do us a great favour.

We are interested in the following information:

  • When was the first slam venue in your country? Where? Who founded it?
  • What is the current situation? How many regular slam venues are there? In which cities? Which slam is the biggest? How many regular visitors show up?
  • Is there some kind of league, network or foundation to connect artists?
  • Are there national championships? How many have there been? Where?
  • What are the most important slam-artists? Have they published important media and/or gotten wider press response (such als „Grand Corps Malade“ in France)?
  • Is Slam in your country dominated influenced by rap and/or social critique, or do comedy elements also occur?
  • Do you have any special disciplins and/or rules that might not occur in other countries?

Thank you for your help! L. Wirag -- 09:50, 8 лютого 2010 (UTC)--