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Wikipedia for Peace[ред. код]

Dear contributors to the Ukrainian Wikipedia,

from August 14 until August 27 2015 we will organise the project Wikipedia for Peace in Vienna (Austria). 15 participants from all over Europe will come together to learn how to contribute to Wikimedia projects, share knowledge and research concerning the topic "peace" and receive input on the topic by different workshop leaders. One of the participants would like to contribute to the Ukrainian Wikipedia. As I myself am not familiar with the Ukrainian Wikipedia, we need somebody who could give her bit feedback on her contributions, her articles etc. and who would answer questions that she might have. Is there anybody here who could be this kind of "mentor" for our participant, especially on the first days of her writing process (August 15-18)?

Our participant would then just ask her questions on the discussion page of the user who volunteers to be her "mentor", if that's okay with you. Thank you in advance! --Shikeishu (обговорення) 17:58, 4 серпня 2015 (UTC)

hello! I can help :) and I am willing to --アンタナナ 22:11, 4 серпня 2015 (UTC)

Heavy vehicle and shipbuilding articles[ред. код]

Hello fellow Wikipedians,

I have contributed a number of Finland-related fully sourced heavy vehicle and shipbuilding related articles in the English Wikipedia. Are here users who are interested at translating them into Ukranian language? I have got the original sources and I could check the translations for factual correctness by help of translation program and also answer your questions if some terms are not clear enough.

Suggested heavy vehicle articles: en:Sisu K-44, en:Sisu RA-140 DS, en:Vanajan Autotehdas, en:Tor Nessling, en:Sisu S-321, en:Sisu K-50SS.

Shipbuilding related articles: en:Åbo Skeppswarf, en:Vulcan (Turku shipyard), en:Andrée & Rosenqvist.

If you are interested please drop me a note on my talk page in English-speaking Wikipedia. --Gwafton (обговорення) 08:35, 28 серпня 2015 (UTC)

Translation of the week/Translation candidates[ред. код]

Hello! Sometimes I comment on the meta page m:Translation of the week/Translation candidates and I've noticed that recently the number of candidates and votes has been relatively low. More importantly, there is some unbalance in the group of 5-7 editors that usually comment, with 2-3 it-N users, 1-2 es-N, 1 sv-N, 1 zh-N. Is there any users from different language editions who would like to join?

Suggesting articles to be translated may be considered just a game, but still it is a fun game once in a while and at least 2 to 4 language translations are added every week so it does have an impact on the global perception of a topic and it is worth that the selection represent the global language community.

For this reason, I though it would be nice to leave a reminder to some "minor" wikipedia to take a look...

Can anyone translate this request and post it on a village pump? No hurry.--Alexmar983 (обговорення) 07:25, 1 липня 2016 (UTC)