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Wikipedia for Peace[ред. код]

Dear contributors to the Ukrainian Wikipedia,

from August 14 until August 27 2015 we will organise the project Wikipedia for Peace in Vienna (Austria). 15 participants from all over Europe will come together to learn how to contribute to Wikimedia projects, share knowledge and research concerning the topic "peace" and receive input on the topic by different workshop leaders. One of the participants would like to contribute to the Ukrainian Wikipedia. As I myself am not familiar with the Ukrainian Wikipedia, we need somebody who could give her bit feedback on her contributions, her articles etc. and who would answer questions that she might have. Is there anybody here who could be this kind of "mentor" for our participant, especially on the first days of her writing process (August 15-18)?

Our participant would then just ask her questions on the discussion page of the user who volunteers to be her "mentor", if that's okay with you. Thank you in advance! --Shikeishu (обговорення) 17:58, 4 серпня 2015 (UTC)

hello! I can help :) and I am willing to --アンタナナ 22:11, 4 серпня 2015 (UTC)

Heavy vehicle and shipbuilding articles[ред. код]

Hello fellow Wikipedians,

I have contributed a number of Finland-related fully sourced heavy vehicle and shipbuilding related articles in the English Wikipedia. Are here users who are interested at translating them into Ukranian language? I have got the original sources and I could check the translations for factual correctness by help of translation program and also answer your questions if some terms are not clear enough.

Suggested heavy vehicle articles: en:Sisu K-44, en:Sisu RA-140 DS, en:Vanajan Autotehdas, en:Tor Nessling, en:Sisu S-321, en:Sisu K-50SS.

Shipbuilding related articles: en:Åbo Skeppswarf, en:Vulcan (Turku shipyard), en:Andrée & Rosenqvist.

If you are interested please drop me a note on my talk page in English-speaking Wikipedia. --Gwafton (обговорення) 08:35, 28 серпня 2015 (UTC)

Translation of the week/Translation candidates[ред. код]

Hello! Sometimes I comment on the meta page m:Translation of the week/Translation candidates and I've noticed that recently the number of candidates and votes has been relatively low. More importantly, there is some unbalance in the group of 5-7 editors that usually comment, with 2-3 it-N users, 1-2 es-N, 1 sv-N, 1 zh-N. Is there any users from different language editions who would like to join?

Suggesting articles to be translated may be considered just a game, but still it is a fun game once in a while and at least 2 to 4 language translations are added every week so it does have an impact on the global perception of a topic and it is worth that the selection represent the global language community.

For this reason, I though it would be nice to leave a reminder to some "minor" wikipedia to take a look...

Can anyone translate this request and post it on a village pump? No hurry.--Alexmar983 (обговорення) 07:25, 1 липня 2016 (UTC)

Request for help by an English-speaker[ред. код]

I really don't converse well in Ukrainian (though more or less able to read), and I don't have access to a Cyrillic keyboard anyhow. I added the name of Богдан Хмельницький as it was rendered in Ruthenian (Староукраїнська мова), the original language used at the day. I took the spelling from Samilo Velichko's chronicle (Літопис Самійла Величка). It also matches Khmelnitsky's autograph. I was reverted and when attempting to contest, the editor replied that he doesn't understand my "hieroglyphs" because I write English. AddMore-III (обговорення) 05:42, 5 вересня 2016 (UTC)

@AddMore-III: Your spelling is most likely wrong. A grammatically correct version of his second given name is most likely Богданъ, and spellings of his first given name and last name are inconsistent: they have the same ending, but Зиновій ends in -і, while Хмельницький ends in -iи. I cannot say what was exactly the spelling during his lifetime (as language norm evolved a lot in that time), but your spelling is most likely wrong. I would recommend to remove this spelling from all wikis you added it to, as it is better to have no spelling in ancient (and thus not commonly spoken) language than to have a wrong spelling — NickK (обг.) 10:38, 5 вересня 2016 (UTC)

Media wiki of Петлюра Симон Васильович[ред. код]

Good evening. I wrote the article about Петлюра Симон Васильович in Catalan Wikipedia (ca:Símon Petliura), and I want to propose it to be qualified as a good article. I would like to add Ukranian native pronounciation of this name. Could you help me ? Thanks. --MALLUS (обговорення) 21:20, 19 грудня 2016 (UTC)

please rename А. Лоран to Joseph Jean Pierre Laurent (in Ukrainian Cyrillic)[ред. код]

See the English Wikipedia article about him for more information. The Minor Planet Center lists discoverers of asteroids by their surname and initials, so they formerly listed his name as "A. Laurent" because his first name was unknown and "A." was used as a placeholder. However, his name is now known and the Minor Planet Center lists him as "J. J. P. Laurent". However Wikipedia uses full names, so here his article should be renamed to the Cyrillic equivalent of Joseph Jean Pierre Laurent. -- P.T. Aufrette (обговорення) 08:02, 12 березня 2017 (UTC)

@P.T. Aufrette: Done, thank you — NickK (обг.) 13:53, 12 березня 2017 (UTC)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pavlo_Pavliuk[ред. код]

HI, the Translated article does not make much sense in English. I would appreciate if someone could review the Ukranian equivalent . I would really like to know what death by slapstick is! I am happy to guess my way through it, but I just need someone to confirm it makes sense Wakelamp

@Wakelamp: It was a death by heated metal torture by putting a heated crown on a head and giving a heated sceptre to his hands. The source called it a buffonata death penalty — NickK (обг.) 13:58, 8 березня 2018 (UTC)
Thank you. I have guessed my way through the article. Could you have a quick check ? Wakelamp (обговорення) 11:03, 9 березня 2018 (UTC)
@Wakelamp: YesТак Зроблено, made a few fixes, otherwise it's fine — NickK (обг.) 21:14, 9 березня 2018 (UTC)
I am not sure what the English links for Borovytsia and Ilyash Karaimovich are. Wakelamp (обговорення) 06:32, 12 березня 2018 (UTC)
@Wakelamp: The Ukrainian articles are Боровиця (Чигиринський район) and Ілляш Караїмович. Both are clearly notable for English Wikipedia but currently have no articles, thus links are red — NickK (обг.) 10:53, 12 березня 2018 (UTC)
thank you for all your help. This all started because I was fascinated by the concept of death by slapstick...which in English is comedeygy like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Three_Stooges . Again Thanks Wakelamp (обговорення) 02:23, 17 квітня 2018 (UTC)