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become aware that there are no accidents in our intelligent universe
realize that everything that shows up in your life has something to teach you
appreciate every one and every thing in your life

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Вікімайстерня[ред. код]

Вітання всім учасницям/кам Вікімайстерні з Варшави:) Bawcie się dobrze. --Юрій Булка (обговорення) 10:05, 17 вересня 2017 (UTC)

Стратегування/Рух Вікімедіа/2017/Напрям[ред. код]

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Hi! I saw your edits on Стратегування/Рух Вікімедіа/2017/Напрям.

I'd be more than very grateful if you decided to update the translation. Right now, the text is 68% complete. A number of changes is just rewording (simplification) here and there. If you have any doubts (concerning the translation) or difficulties (like a lack of time), please let me know.

Thank you very much! SGrabarczuk (WMF) (обговорення) 21:28, 17 вересня 2017 (UTC)

Tech News: 2017-38[ред. код]

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Tech News: 2017-39[ред. код]

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Invitation from WAM 2017[ред. код]

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Hi WAM organizers!

Hope you receive your postcard successfully! Now it's a great time to sign up at the 2017 WAM, which will still take place in November. Here are some updates and improvements we will make for upcoming WAM. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, feel free to discuss on the meta talk page.

  1. We want to host many onsite Edit-a-thons all over the world this year. If you would like to host one in your city, please take a look and sign up at this page.
  2. We will have many special prize provided by Wikimedia Affiliates and others. Take a look at here. Let me know if your organization also would like to offer a similar thing.
  3. Please encourage other organizers and participants to sign-up in this page to receive updates and news on Wikipedia Asian Month.

If you no longer want to receive the WAM organizer message, you can remove your username at this page.

Reach out the WAM team here at the meta talk page if you have any questions.

Best Wishes,
Sailesh Patnaik

Tech News: 2017-42[ред. код]

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