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{{{1}}} {{{4}}}

{{i}} Документація шаблону[перегляд] [редагувати] [історія] [очистити кеш]

This template allows easy formatting of statements of the form "# thing(s)", with correct use of plurals. It uses the "plural" magic word, so ideally it should work with minimal modification for other language.

Syntax[ред. код]

  • {{plural|number|name}}
  • {{plural|number|singular name|plural name}}

Examples[ред. код]

For most English nouns, the plural is formed by adding "s" to the end of the singular form. If that is the case, only one "name" parameter is required:

  • {{plural|0|page}} returns "0 {{{4}}}"
  • {{plural|1|page}} returns "1 page"
  • {{plural|2|page}} returns "2 pages"
  • {{plural|-1|page}} returns "-1 page"
  • {{plural|-2|page}} returns "-2 pages"
  • {{plural|0.5|page}} returns "0.5 {{{5}}}"
  • {{plural|1.5|page}} returns "1.5 {{{5}}}"
  • {{plural|-0.5|page}} returns "-0.5 {{{5}}}"
  • {{plural|-1.5|page}} returns "-1.5 {{{5}}}"

For plurals that require adding "es", or more unusual forms, the singular and plural forms must be specified explicitly:

  • {{plural|0|ox|oxen}} returns "0 {{{4}}}"
  • {{plural|1|ox|oxen}} returns "1 ox"
  • {{plural|2|ox|oxen}} returns "2 oxen"
  • {{plural|-1|ox|oxen}} returns "-1 ox"
  • {{plural|-2|ox|oxen}} returns "-2 oxen"
  • {{plural|0.5|ox|oxen}} returns "0.5 {{{5}}}"
  • {{plural|1.5|ox|oxen}} returns "1.5 {{{5}}}"
  • {{plural|-0.5|ox|oxen}} returns "-0.5 {{{5}}}"
  • {{plural|-1.5|ox|oxen}} returns "-1.5 {{{5}}}"

Notes[ред. код]

  • While {{plural|#|sheep|sheep}} is valid, it is also fairly pointless.

TemplateData[ред. код]

Це — документація TemplateData для шаблону Множина, яка використовується Візуальним редактором та іншими інструментами.

Allows easy formatting of statements using plural.

Параметри шаблону


The number of items: 0, 1, 2 etc.

Singular name2

The text to use when one item is specified

plural name3

The text to use when two or more items are specified. The default is to append the singular form with 's'.


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