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April 24, 2007[ред. | ред. код]

External link dumps[ред. | ред. код]

Dump table Hits
Articles with more than 20 external links 63
SELECT COUNT(el_from) AS total, el_from, page_title
FROM externallinks, page
WHERE externallinks.el_from = page_id AND page_is_redirect = 0 AND page_namespace = 0
GROUP BY el_from

External link ranking[ред. | ред. код]

Dump table Hits
Sites linked more than 20 times 82
SELECT COUNT(el_to) AS total, SUBSTRING_INDEX(el_to, '/', 3) AS search
FROM externallinks, page
WHERE page_id = el_from AND page_namespace = 0
GROUP BY search

Additional information[ред. | ред. код]

Some more information about this dump:

  • 58212 articles that are in the main space and not redirects
  • 77851 articles and redirects in the main space
  • 147111 pages in all namespaces
  • 30094 redirects in all namespaces
  • 136795 external links in every namespace
  • 116807 external links in the main space

Very probable spambot pages[ред. | ред. код]

If index.php is found in a page title, it is very likely the article talk page has been created by a spambot. These pages should be deleted and protected if possible.

Article ID Article

Possible spambot pages[ред. | ред. код]

Possible pages created by spambots ending with /.

Article ID Article
45063 User:Int19h/
113040 Wikipedia:Проект:Цей день в історії/pre/
130529 Wikipedia talk:Проект:Цей день в історії/pre/
3023 MediaWiki:Broken/
72421 Template:Sign/
SELECT page_id, page_title, page_namespace
FROM page
WHERE page_title LIKE '%index.php%' OR page_title LIKE '%/wiki/%' OR page_title LIKE '%/w/%' OR page_title LIKE '%/';

Dump analysis archive[ред. | ред. код]

This is the archive of dump analysis.