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{{ }}

{{i}} Документація шаблону[перегляд] [редагувати] [історія] [очистити кеш]

Використання[ред. код]

  • This template returns the first unnamed parameter in double braces. To be used to demonstrate template code without the need for clunky nowiki'ing. Further unnamed parameters (up to 8 more) can be used without worrying for pipes.
  • An alternative is to use {{foo}}.
  • Set code=on / code=true / etc. to switch the font used to the HTML <code>-style monospaced font.
  • To improve legibility, {{thinsp}}aces are inserted either side of any pipe characters (" | ") displayed by the template.
  • To ensure equals-signs are handled as text by the template, use {{=}} to produce them – e.g. {{braces|Templatename|p1{{=}}v1|p2{{=}}v2|...}} (and see examples below).

Examples[ред. код]

Розмітка Output

{{Templatename | item1 | item2}}

{{braces|code=on |Templatename|item1|item2}}

{{Templatename | item1 | item2}}

{{braces |Templatename|item1{{=}}XYZ|item2{{=}}PQR}}

{{Templatename | item1=XYZ | item2=PQR}}

{{braces|code=on |Templatename|item1=XYZ|item2=PQR}}

Ні {{Templatename}}

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