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[[непідтримувані символи]]

{{i}} Документація шаблону[перегляд] [редагувати] [історія] [очистити кеш]

This template is used to display International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcriptions. If the phonemes are broken into individual variables it generates mouseover pronunciation guides. It is also capable of translating phonetic representations into IPA.

If the code /[[Wikipedia:IPA_for_English#Key|??]]/ is displayed, it means that an unsupported input was used, or that you included a non-existent sound file. Such instances are tallied at Category:Ill-formatted IPAc-en transclusions, where they can be reviewed and fixed.

There are a maximum of 50 variables, including the first three.

The first three variables can be used to indicate a prescript (eg, English pronunciation:). The named parameter |audio= may be used to link to an audio file.

The pronunciation is broken into individual phonemes so that they will have mouseovers to indicate pronunciation. All phonemes from IPA for English are available. For anything outside that set, a different template should be used.

Individual phonemes can be translated from SAMPA spelling:

For a space between words, use a keyboard underscore. See Шаблон:H:IPA for the full list of recognized phonemes and Шаблон:IPAc-en/pronunciation for the list of recognized prefix flags.

Behaviour changes from current templates[ред. код]

{{IPAc-en}} combines the features of {{IPA-en}} and the original {{IPAc-en}}. It is also intended to replace incidences of {{Audio-IPA}}. To facilitate this a Greasemonkey script is available that will automatically convert any incidents of these templates to {{IPAc-en}} with properly separated phonemes.

Behavioural differences follow.

{{IPA-en}}[ред. код]

The default behaviour has changed to no prescript.

It can be simulated using the flags lang & pron.

  • {{IPAc-en|lang|pron|ˌ|æ|l|ə|ˈ|b|æ|m|ə}}англійська вимова: [ˌæləˈbæmə]

Audio files are specifically called:

{{IPAc-en}}[ред. код]

The original template had three flags ( /- , -- and -/ ) that allowed multiple templates to be strung together in case there wasn't enough characters. The maximum character count has increased from 33 to 50 and this feature has been dropped.