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LCCN {{{1}}}-{{{3}}}

{{i}} Документація шаблону[перегляд] [редагувати] [історія] [очистити кеш]

Usage[ред. код]

This template is used for referring to books by their Library of Congress Control Numbers. Split the number into 3 parameters:

  1. the numbers before the dash
  2. if the number after the dash is not 6 digits long, enough zeroes to make it so
  3. the numbers after the dash

E.g.: to link 89-456 it'll be

  1. 89
  2. 000
  3. 456

{{LCCN|89|000|456}} gives LCCN 89-456

To link a number that already has 6 digits after the dash, leave the 2nd parameter empty. E.g.: for 71-143545

  1. 71
  3. 143545

{{LCCN|71||143545}} gives LCCN 71-143545

If the LCCN has 8 digits and no dash, treat it as if there is a dash after the second number. E.g. for 71143545

  1. 71
  3. 143545

{{LCCN|71||143545}} gives LCCN 71-143545

If the LCCN has 10 digits and no dash, put the first four numbers (the year it was assigned) in the first parameter, leave the second parameter blank, and put the last six numbers in the third parameter. E.g.: for 2001022631

  1. 2001
  3. 022631

{{LCCN|2001||022631}} gives LCCN 2001-022631

If the LCCN contains two letters, add them followed by + before the normal 1st parameter: {{LCCN|sa+65|00|3567}} gives LCCN sa+65-3567

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