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Світлина з конкурсу Вікі любить пам'ятки 2019
1—30 вересня
September 1-30
1-30 ספטמבר

Special Nomination “Jewish Heritage” of the Wiki Loves Monuments competition is aimed at collecting pictures and videos of all cultural Jewish heritage objects of Ukraine, even if they in ruins, repurposed or rebuilt. The list is not complete, and it will be updated throughout the contest itself. The List includes objects with an official status as a "cultural monument", but also those objects without such a status. Note, that pictures and videos of objects without such a status can take part only in special nomination and cannot be awarded in main nominations of the contest.

How to participate

Circle-ye-1.svg Sign up or log in to upload your photos.

Circle-ye-2.svg Find cultural heritage monuments in the lists on Wikipedia. It is imperative that you take the photos yourself.

Circle-ye-3.svg Click [Завантажити фото] or завантажити ще фото next to the chosen monument. Follow the upload wizard instructions.

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