Матеріал з Вікіпедії — вільної енциклопедії.
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Іконка документації Документація шаблону[перегляд] [редагувати] [історія] [очистити кеш]

Usage[ред.ред. код]

To group together Navigation boxes

  • title=Title of this box
  • list1=The templates to be grouped such as
|title= Giovanni Trapattoni Navigation boxes
|list1={{Italy Squad 1962 World Cup}}
{{Italy national football team managers}}
{{Republic of Ireland national football team managers}}
{{A.C. Milan managers}}
{{F.C. Internazionale Milano managers}}
{{Juventus F.C. managers}}
{{Bayern Munich managers}}
{{Cagliari Calcio managers}}
{{ACF Fiorentina managers}}
{{Italy Squad 2002 World Cup}}
{{S.L. Benfica managers}}
{{VfB Stuttgart managers}}
{{FC Red Bull Salzburg Squad}}

which gives

Important: Don't include {{coord}} in the group. This would prevent the coordinates from being displayed.

Succession boxes[ред.ред. код]

If succssion boxes are listed first a <span> is need to have the template display correctly see sample below

Succession boxes using |-[ред.ред. код]

If a succession box uses |- they need to be replaced with {{!}}-