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{{i}} Документація шаблону[перегляд] [редагувати] [історія] [очистити кеш]

When to use[ред. код]

This template should be used only on articles that have sources.

It may be used with {{Refimprove}} or other check references templates. This template should not be used with stubs.

The most common correct use of this template is to identify an article that uses more than one major citation style (e.g., half the citations use ref tags, and half are parenthetical citations).

Do not place on articles containing all parenthetical citations! They're not as easy to spot with a quick glance as superscripted blue numbers, but they are an acceptable form of inline citation. Wikipedia's guidelines generally prohibit editors from changing from one acceptable form of inline citations to another, especially for reasons of personal preference or to make one article match the style in another article.

This template may be removed by anyone who fixes the problems with confusing citation styles.

How to use[ред. код]

To use this template, place {{Citation style|date=квітень 2021}} on the article page or talk page in a location that may aid in conveying the message of the template. This template may be used within {{Multiple issues}} and placement of this template on the article page is guided by Template messages/Cleanup. The following parameters may be specified for this template:

  • |date= should preferably be used to categorize the article in a subcategory of Категорія:Впорядкування посилань Вікіпедії. This helps with addressing aged cleanup messages. (e.g., {{Citation style|date=квітень 2021}}.)
  • |details= may be used to provide more details on some of the aspects that should be addressed for the given article. (e.g., {{Citation style|date=квітень 2021|details=In particular, citation titles should be specified}})
  • | A first unnamed parameter may be used to specify whether the template applies to the entire article or a section of the article (e.g., {{Citation style|section|date=квітень 2021}}. If not specified, the first unnamed parameter defaults to "article."

Operation[ред. код]

This template will categorise tagged articles into Категорія:Впорядкування посилань Вікіпедії and Категорія:Статті до вікіфікації.

This template is a self-reference.

This template should not be substituted.

Template data[ред. код]

Це — документація TemplateData для шаблону Стиль цитування, яка використовується Візуальним редактором та іншими інструментами.

This template generates a tag to indicate that the article needs additional inline citations.

Параметри шаблону


The month and year that the need for citations is identified, such as 'June 2013'; may use '{{subst:DATE}}' template instead


Specifies the region of the page to which this template applies, such as 'section' or 'table'. Omit if the template applies to the whole article.


Any value (such as 'y') will result in the addition of 'See talk page for details.' to the tag


A sentence explaining more about the problem.


Див. також[ред. код]